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Injured entagled California Sea Lion


Volunteer with sea turtle in pool

One-Time Donation

Make a simple donation in any amount here. 

Sea Lion at Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center

Recurring Monthly Donation

Set up a recurring monthly donation for any amount you select here.

Pickup Truck on a beach Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center

$25 USD

FUEL - Local Response

Support us with enough fuel to attend a local stranding report. 

Thanks to our stranding network, local community, and the popularity of tourism in our beautiful area, we get regular stranding reports and need to be ready to go!

$100 USD

FUEL - Remote Response

Contribute to the fuel cost for attending a remote stranding.

Baja California has 2038 miles of coastline and while we can't access it all by road, we do our best!  We have traveled as far as 12 hours by road for a remote rescue which is very costly.  Any contribution to our fuel costs is greatly appreciated!

Map of Baja Peninsula
Sea lion rescuer on boat Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center

$150 USD

FUEL- Ocean Response

Support us with enough fuel for a day on the water.

Ocean rescues are more challenging and can span a full day or more when tracking an animal and executing our plan for disentanglement or rescue. We typically spend 5-8 hours on the water. which can use up to 150 liters of gas. Your support goes a long way!

$250 USD

FISH - Patient Care

Contribute to the cost of buying fresh fish and paying local fishermen.

We feed our patients high quality fish and invertebrates intended for human consumption. We purchase this from reputable suppliers and our local fish market. Local fishermen target specific species to suit our patients needs and catch live bait to help us ensure our patients are ready to hunt on their own when they are reintroduced to the wild.

Fisherman for Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center
Sedated sea lion receiving care Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center

$500 USD


Support us for a full day of sea lion disentanglements!

On disentanglement days we visit an area where we have recently observed a number of entangled sea lions and attempt to disentangle as many of them as possible. These campaigns involve a lot of planning and coordination, and require many resources from fuel, to medications, to specialized tools, equipment, and supplies. These rescues are performed in the field, sometimes while the sea lion is under light sedation. Only critical cases will be brought back to our facility for further treatment and care. 

$800 USD

One Month of Patient Care

This generous donation will provide one-month of food, treatment, and care for a patient at MMMRC. Your donation will go directly to saving a life and getting a patient one step closer to being reintroduced to the wild!

Volunteer enters sea lion enclosure at Mexico Marine Wildlife Rescue Center


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